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Tomato Hook V-Type - Hook Size : 22cm + Twine on hook 11m + Free fall 3m

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Tomato Hook V-Type (including free fall)

Quantity : 10 or 50 pcs


The free fall part of the V- Hook is kept together with an elastic. The twine is positioned exactly above the plant and can be connected to the plant easily.

The advantages and characteristics of a V-hook are:

  • The hook is strong and does not deform with heavy loads.

  • The sharp bend on the hook prevents movement on the wire.

  • High quality twine.

  • Tension on the twine is kept high so it will not grip, which makes lowering the crop smooth and fast.

  • Each twine length and free fall combination is possible.

  • Twine available in different colours and thicknesses.

  • Each twine colour and packing combination is possible.

  • Twine falls straight down and does not tangle.

  • Twine can be easily connected to the plant.

  • Labour saving for hanging the hooks and connecting the twine to the plant.

  • Possible to use for interplanting.

  • Twine does not tangle in the box so waste is reduced.


Hook Size : 22cm

Twine on hook: 11 meter

Free fall: 3 meter

Strength twine: 1/1200

Overall Length : 27cm x 4.5cm

Please contact us if you need exact Dimension