Foodcube Project - The Cape Community Garden

The Cape is a sustainable property development located 2 hours out of Melbourne in Cape Paterson. It is setting the standard for integrated sustainable living in greenfield estates around Victoria with all houses having an energy rating of over 8 stars. We are building The Cape’s state of the art community garden. The first stage is complete with final garden to be completed in 2019. A render for the final design is in the gallery below. Many residents have also purchased their own Foodcubes for personal use.


Three Tinnies

Check out our wicking beds that have been installed at Paul and Melissa Oakley’s sustainable home at Live At The Cape sustainable estate in Cape Paterson. The project is called 3 Tinnies, named after the three recycled tinnies that have been installed as wind breaks for the three rows of Biofilta foodcubes. These Biofilta wicking beds have been clad with nice timbers by The Sustainable Landscape Company and the northern side of the tinnies has been decorated by local artist Maryanne Plenkovich. The home is super energy efficient, is fossil fuel free, captures it’s own water, runs on solar power, is wired to charge electric vehicles and generates around 3 – 4 times as much energy as it uses. Having the urban farm takes the sustainability to the next level, allowing the home to generate food on site, compost and reduce food bills. These wicking beds have produced an abundance of leafy greens, tomatoes, beans, snow peas, zucchinis and much more.


More houses…

We supplied this Biofilta wicking bed farm to a household at the Live At The Cape sustainable community in Cape Paterson that is harvesting large amounts of bok choi, silverbeet, spinach and other leafy greens. The wicking garden beds were incorporated into the design by The Sustainable Landscape Company who also clad the Foodcubes in a nice timber finish, and the hoop and netting keeps pests away. This garden has been planted for less than a month and is already providing this household with some great super local produce, as well as some lovely activity and an engaging hobby in a time of restricted movement. This Biofilta household farm has the potential to grow well over 200 kilograms of fresh produce per annum going forward, which is great for nutrition and a very significant reduction in food bills.

The Cape Community Garden