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TEKU 90mm Squat Round Pot(Terracotta Colour/VCG) & 6cell Tray with Handle Set

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TEKU VCG 90mm Squat Round Pot & 6cell Tray with Handle Set 

Made with adequate drainage to suit most potting uses.  

Made in Germany by Poppelmann  

Quantity :

2 sets(12pots & 2x6cell trays)

6 sets(36pots & 6x6cell trays)

or 10 sets(60pots & 10x6cell trays)


Pot : Diameter 90mm, Height 68mm,  Volume 290ml   Material : Thermoformed Polypropylene

Colour : Terracotta ( Grey inside )  

Handle : Length 420mm, Width : 20mm, Colour : Black

6cell Tray : 180mm x 27.5mm x 70mm , Colour : Black

*Please note that the colour (Terracotta) may be varies from the photo shown.