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Sphagnum Moss Premier Grade - Spagmoss

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Use worldwide by the professional Orchid Growers.

New Zealand Sphagnum moss is recognised worldwide as a premium product in the orchid growing industry.

These Spagmoss is naturally air dried to ensure a maximum Water Holding Capacity(WHC) of 96%.

This allows the moss to retain water and nutrients for easy release to the plant without accumulating unwanted salts. Spagmoss maintains its structure in the pot for several years,therefore costs associated with re-potting are reduced. Due to its sterile nature, Spagmoss will also defend against plant pathogens from attacking the roots. We ensure Spagmoss grades are of consistent quality with good colour and minimal contamination. Spagmoss is produced from two sphagnum species, Sphagnum cristatum and Sphagnum subnitens. Sphagnum cristatumis the most common variety harvested in New Zealand; it has a much larger leaf and stem structure than other moss types giving it stronger and more robust growing properties. The longer length allows the moss to be wrapped around roots easily and the strong structure ensures the moss will not become over-compressed in the pot providing the plants with a high Air Filled Porosity (AFP). Sphagnum subnitenshave a finer appearance and structure with a smaller leaf giving it a feathery feel. The softness of this variety allows the moss to be wrapped easily around the roots of very juvenile orchids. It is less robust than Sphagnum cristatum meaning it can be compacted tighter in the pot for lower AFP requirements.Spagmoss Overview   * By commercial and hobby growers in the cultivation of various orchid species   * As a decorative enhancement   * In the Floristry industry   * For assisting with young plant growth     * By carnivorous plant growers   * For reptile bedding   * As an additive to increase water holding in other substrates