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Osmoform NXT - 22-2.2-9.1+1.2Mg+TE - BULK

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Osmoform NXT is based on the new granulation technology SILK (silica based) which includes slow release nitrogen and potassium. The slow release K is embedded in a 3 dimensional matrix, which slowly dissolves during time.
Osmoform contains NPK, magnesium and a package of trace elements. The nitrogen composition is balanced to have quick plant reaction after application and a long lasting effect afterwards. Osmoform NXT contains 1.2 - 2.8 mm granules.

  • Slow release of nitrogen ànd potassium
  • No loss of fertilizer when plants fall over. Product sticks to the surface of the growing medium
  • Quick plant reaction, strong greening up effect
  • Very efficient nitrogen release
  • Contains magnesium and trace elements with high iron content
  • Includes silicium for stronger plants
  • Long lasting effect up to 8-10 weeks
  • Easy application
  • 20kg