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Life Force

Life Force Organic Trio 1L

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Life Force® Trio™ Concentrate

Available in a convenient concentrate, this specialty liquid contains luxury levels of calcium and magnesium with complexed boron. This fertiliser also contains fulvic acid and kelp. Trio™ contains the two key minerals missing in Total Cover™ and is designed to be used in conjunction with this product to supply complete plant nutrition.

WhyAlthough considered secondary nutrients, calcium, magnesium and boron are vital for plant health. Calcium for cell division and strength, magnesium as the central element of chlorophyll and boron as a calcium synergist, essentially ‘steering’ the calcium where it is needed.

HowFoliar feeding is ideal to direct nutrition into the plant, avoiding any problems the soil may have with mineral ‘lock-ups’. Simply spray foliage until just prior to the point of run-off.

WhereAs with Total Cover™, this product can be used on all your vegies, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs and annuals, indoor plants and lawns.

When: Can be foliar sprayed every 2-4 weeks. Alternate with Total Cover™ as part of the complete Nutrition Gardening® system.

Size: 1 L