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Life Force

Life Force - Organic SeaChange 1L

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Organic concentrate to help establish new planting, condition soil and
relieve plant stress. Apply at planting & repeat when plants need revitalising.

> Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI
> Reduce transplant shock and promote strong establishment.
> Enhance root growth.
> Natural chelating capacity.
> A rescue remedy in stress situations.
> Bio-stimulation for microbes & earthworms.


Why: Soil health is about mineralisation and the greatest source of broad-spectrum minerals can be obtained from ocean plants and creatures. Organic SeaChange™ promotes root growth and flowering. It can be used as a “rescue remedy” in times of stress (frost, transplant shock, hail damage, heat stress etc). Organic SeaChange™ is also a favoured food source for earthworms and soil microbes. Earthworms appear out of nowhere at the first whiff of this soil-life promotant.

How: Dilute 2 capfuls (30 mL) into a 9 L watering can and wet leaves and soil thoroughly.

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Where: Organic SeaChange™ can be used on all vegetable, fruit crops and flowering plants as well as natives and indoor plants.

When: Apply at planting and repeat every 3-4 weeks or as desired.