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Life Force

Organic Instant Humus

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Life Force® Instant Humus™

Humus is the dark-coloured organic matter that is the essence of soil fertility. Composting is the best way to build humus. However, all humus contains humic acid and it has been found that this natural acid can be extracted from ancient plant materials and used as a substitute for compost. Instant Humus™ is a concentrated soluble humic acid granule that can confer the many benefits of humus in soils with low levels of organic matter.

WhyHumus is the home base for beneficial biology in your soil and it also governs moisture retention. Humic acid is like a humus concentrate in itself, but it also serves to boost production of stable humus via beneficial soil fungi. Humic acid is the most powerful known promotant of these creatures and when these organisms are activated, they increase their humus-building activity. Humic acid also promotes root growth and mineral retention, and neutralises toxic residues and heavy metals.

HowDilute 2 teaspoons into a 9 L watering can and wet soil thoroughly.

WhereApply to lawns, flowering plants, vegetables, shrubs and fruit trees.

WhenApply at bed preparation. Repeat monthly.

Size: 1 kg