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Munash Indoor Plant Soil Food

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Munash Indoor Plant Soil Food is made up of natural rock minerals derived from Central Victoria in a mix specially formulated to assist the growth of your potted plants. And it comes in the cutest darn little tin. Sprinkled on top of the soil, the 67 trace elements and minerals will get to work ensuring your plant’s roots are fed, and your soil retains moisture more evenly, which will in turn make your indoor plants flourish. A fine sprinkle of one teaspoon per pot on the soil every two months is all your plant needs. And the ace news is that Indoor Plant Soil Food can be used for all your pots both indoors and outdoors.

100% Safe & Natural

Certified Organic with NASAA

Elements :

Calcium 5%, Potassium 2.5%, Iron 6%, Magnesium 2%, Manganese 0.65%, Caron 0.45%, Phosphorus 0.16

Volume : 400g


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