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50mm Jiffy 7C Coir Pellets Round

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It offers quicker rooting due to the air pruning that

Stimulates fibrous root development within the plug.

The 100% RHP coco pellets are well suited for rooting plant material that like a well aerated plug as Jiffy-7C provides a superior aerated rooting media. The Jiffy-7C is like all Jiffy 7 pellets build on the principle of container and media in one, comes in the form of a compressed dry disk in a partly degradable netting. This means Jiffy-7C will get you the same logistical and storage advantages as with all other Jiffy pellet systems. Our stringent quality control guarantees the physical and chemical properties of the coco substrate used are just right to provide for an optimum rooting environment.

Expanded pellets will measure :

approx. 50mm diameter x 45mm tall

Last update 09/21