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Heat n Grow

Hydroponics Propagation Set - TPS020(10w) No thermostat

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Contains TPS020, Clear dome & Hydro tray

(1) HEAT- n- GROW Propagation Tray - TPS020

  • 300mm x 400mm x 100mm
  • 10 watt (No thermostat)
  • Heat n Grow systems promote faster and healthier growth, the opportunity to grow exotics, flowers, herds and cacti all year around.
  • Heat n Grow systems are equally successful with soil and hydroponic based gardening. This makes them the perfect solution for propagation and cloning.

(2) Heat-n-Grow Clear Dome : Clear dome top with 3 vents

  • The clear top creates  a mini - green house effect, achieving great propagating results

(3) Hydro Tray

  • Tray dimension: approx. L350 x W295 x H55mm