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Heat n Grow

[Heat N Grow] Hydroponics Propagation Set - TPS030(24w)with thermostat

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Contains TPS030, Clear dome, Hydro tray & Green mat

(1) HEAT- n- GROW Propagation Tray - TPS030

  • 390mm x 400mm x 10mm
  • 24 watt with 0 - 40c Thermostat
  • TPS030 comes with a built in 0 - 40c Thermostat, so it's easy as turning the dial to achieve exact temperature control.
  • The high-tech heating element guarantees even heat distribution, ensuring direct heat penetration to the roots of the plant.

(2) Heat-n-Grow Clear Dome : Clear dome top with 3 vents

  • The clear top creates  a mini - green house effect, achieving great propagating results

(3) Hydro Tray

  • Tray dimension: approx. L350 x W295 x H55mm

(4) Green Mat