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Fruit Fly Trap Pro & Wick set - Attracts male QLD fruit flies.

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The Fruit Fly Trap specifically attracts male Queensland fruit flies.

1 Set ( Fruit Fly Trap Pro x1 & Wick x1)

3 Sets ( Fruit Fly Trap Pro x3 & Wick x3)

How does it work?fly

  • The trap contains a cotton wick impregnated with a powerful male sex – attractant (cue lure) and an insecticide
  • Male Queensland fruit flies are attracted from distances of up to 400 meters and collect in the trap where they can be counted 1 trap per 5-10 ha (minimum 3 traps per farm)

How to assemble the Fruit Fly Trap

  • Wear gloves (to avoid contact with the pheromone wick)
  • Push hook through lid into pheromone wick holder
  • Insert 4 plastic entry ports into side of trap (align tab at top of hole)

- These traps only catch male fruit flies

- Trap counts are not a good indication of potential for fruit fly damage in the crop (your monitoring program should include regular crop

– inspections, looking for adult flies and evidence of stinging) - Fruit fly traps do not control fruit fly

- MAT cups compete with male fruit fly traps, affecting the results of traps set up for the purpose of monitoring. It is important to take this into account when using male trap counts to assess fruit fly activity.