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Bugs For Bugs

Fruit Fly Lure 1L

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Fruit Fly Lure is an autolysed protein highly attractive to Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies. It needs to be mixed with a toxicant and can then be used to attract and kill adult fruit flies.

1 L (roughly enough to treat 1 ha 3 times)

How does it work?

  • A protein + toxicant attracts and kills female flies
  • Female fruit flies must feed on protein before they can sting fruit

How to mix our protein bait

  • For best results, use with our Fruit Fly Lure Thickener
  • Mix thickener with water 24 hours before use
  • Add Bugs for Bugs Fruit Fly Lure at 2 L per 100 L of thickened water

How to apply our protein bait

  • Apply fresh on day of mixing
  • Use 15 L of mixture per ha
  • Apply as a spot or band to the host plants or suitable substrate
  • Note: this is not a cover spray

When to apply

  • Start early (before fruit becomes susceptible) and continue for at least 3 weeks after harvest
  • Apply every 5-7 days (more often if you see any signs of damage or increased fruit fly activity)
  • Re-apply after rain

Tips for best results

  • Start early – at least 2 weeks before fruit becomes susceptible
  • Apply regularly
  • Don’t miss a treatment
  • Increase frequency during high risk periods
  • Add Fruit Fly Lure Thickener for best results
  • Protein bait should ideally be placed on foliage or trunk of the host plant
  • Do not apply protein bait to ground or grass
  • Note that protein bait may cause fruit burn – test before use and minimise fruit contact
  • Treating larger areas including non-fruiting blocks and surrounds will improve results