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Foodcube - Wicking Garden Bed ( SE QLD / Northern NSW )

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The perfect planter for your home, urban farm, school or community garden.

Foodcube is a world-leading advanced wicking bed designed to suit the harsh Australian climate and keep your plants alive for long periods with it’s huge water holding capacity and wicking cones.

Save time in the garden and let the Foodcube do all the hard work for you.

Measuring 1150mm x 1150mm x 500mm, the Foodcube holds 300 litres of potting mix and provides 1m2 of growing area for you to create a mini farm or connect multiple units together to form large urban farms.

With a growing depth of 315mm, plus the 150mm soil cones, almost every vegetable and herb will have room to grow and thrive.

16 soil cones extend below the tray into the huge 110 litre water reservoir and allow stored water to be “wicked” up into the main growing area above the tray and provide plants the optimal water they need day and night. No more hours spent watering the veggies morning and night with a hose, the Foodcube does it for you!

Built to last with 10 years of UV stabilisation added, the Foodcube is a long lasting product with outdoor usage in mind.

Made from 80% recycled, food grade plastic, the Foodcube is a circular economy product that re-purposes offcut material from the confectionary industry and turns it into a vegetable growing factory.

The built-in passive aeration system unique to Foodcube, provides two air-posts in diagonal corners of each unit to allow oxygen to exchange to the roots below the removable tray to minimise root rot and let trapped hot air escape to prevent overheating.

Removable trays allow easy cleaning access.

Each Foodcube is shipped with two swivelling water levels that gives you ultimate control over the water level in each unit or an entire row. Set high for a full soak to cope with a heat wave, create an air gap for better drainage or fully empty. You get full control.

Handy attachment points are built into the reinforced top edge to enable hook attachments to secure netting or blanking to allow units to butt up against each other.

25mm diameter pockets in each corner provide the perfect spot to slot in frames for shade, greenhouse or wind protection.

25mm square holes allow for a central trellis system to easily attach to grow climbing plants like tomatoes or beans vertically.

Foodcube comes with a 90mm joining tube for easy connection to other Foodcubes or to a 90mm standard pvc pipe to enable connection to a tank or even your household downpipe.

1150mm x 1150mm x 500mm

Approx. 330L growing media

Approx. 100L reservoir 

Made in Australia

Please contact Anthony 0493 556 678 for delivery charges within

Brisbane / Gold Coast area / Sunshine Coast / Northern NSW. 


Special price for community groups, schools & non-profit organisations. 

LAST UPDATE March 2024

< Please note  : Plants, soil and metal plant trellis shown in photos are not included. >