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Foodcube Auto Watering System - Premium Model

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Upgrade your existing Foodcube experience or add as part of a new Foodcube set up, the Auto Watering System is designed to create the ultimate low maintenance garden solution.

  • Simply connect a hose and watering your plants is taken care of
  • Fills the reservoir as plants use water and stops when full
  • Travel over summer without worrying about your plants
  • Connects directly to your tap or water tank
  • No power required

With two models to choose from, we've got you covered:

Premium Model
Designed to retrofit to existing Foodcubes and allows easy connection without losing the water from your reservoir. Can also be included in your new Foodcube set up to enable you to remove and reconnect with ease as required.

Please contact Anthony 0411 883 681 for delivery charges.