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Cultivator - Stainless Steel by Fiskars Xact™

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Winner of the Red Dot Best of the Best 2019 award. Fiskars® Xact™ Cultivator has deep, curved tines, making it ideal for loosening and aerating soil, as well as removing weeds. A durable, stainless steel head resists rust, while a strong, fastened connection ensures durability. A comfortable, SoftGrip® handle design offers multiple grip positions and a longer, weighted handle offers better balance for enhanced comfort and control. Additionally, a convenient hang hole allows for easy storage.
  • Fiskars® Xact™ Cultivator features deep, curved tines, making it easy to loosen and aerate soil, as well as remove weeds 
  • Durable, stainless steel head resists rust and has a strong, fastened connection to ensure head will not detach from handle
  • Comfortable, Softgrip® handle design offers multiple grip positions, while a longer, weighted handle provides better balance
  • Hang hole for easy storage
  • Weight : approx. 260g
  • Designed by Fiskars / Made in China