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Felco 933 - Pre-order - available end JULY 24

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Felco 2 Service & Maintenance Box

Introducing the FELCO 933 Complete Maintenance and Service Box – Your Essential Pruning Shear Care Kit! This comprehensive package equips you with all the necessary tools and components to uphold the prime condition of your FELCO pruning shear and other garden tools. Regular maintenance and part replacements ensure optimal performance, providing you with a pruning shear that consistently excels and remains ready for action.

The FELCO Maintenance Box is an ideal gift for gardening enthusiasts and individuals dedicated to professional tool care. Preserving the longevity and functionality of your pruning shear is paramount. A well-maintained tool guarantees precise, comfortable cuts, simplifying pruning tasks.

Ideal for avid home gardeners, the FELCO 933 maintenance box also makes an excellent gift choice for friends and family. This all-inclusive starter kit features the iconic FELCO 2 pruning shear, along with essential tools and accessories for servicing and maintaining your FELCO pruning shear in impeccable condition.

This kit includes:

  • Felco Model 2 Original Secateurs
  • Replacement blade 2/3
  • FELCO 905 multipurpose tool for disassembly, adjustment, and blade sharpening
  • FELCO 981 Spray to remove accumulated dirt and rust
  • FELCO 980 Lubricating spray for daily maintenance before storage
  • FELCO 990 Grease
  • Adjustment key 2/30
  • FELCO Cleaning Cloth