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Felco 6 PREMIUM Special Edition

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An “all black” finish and leather-covered handles are the hallmarks of the new range of FELCO Premium Special Edition pruning shears. Available in two models, FELCO 6 and FELCO 8, blending craftsmanship and technology, handmade and industrial processes. An outstanding item for passionate users and fans of the brand. 


The Premium Special Edition range is designed to meet the expectations of FELCO users who wish to have an exceptional tool that combines craftsmanship with some of the most refined material treatments available. 

To transform these pruning shears into special editions, the components undergo specific treatments. The emblematic forged aluminium handles are anodized and then sandblasted black, while the blade and counter-blade are chromed black. These treatments not only provide a unique appearance, but also ensure greater resistance and durability to the elements. 


FELCO’s expertise in industrial manufacturing is combined with centuries-old leather craftsmanship. The handles of the Premium Special Edition pruning shears are covered with a delicately fitted black leather sheath. Red stitching visually enhances the curves and recalls the iconic colour of FELCO handles. The softness and unique feel of this natural material provides unparalleled comfort when pruning.

  • Handles in forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee 
  • High-quality hardened steel blade & counter-blade, black chrome-plating 
  • Chrome-plating improves resistance to corrosion 
  • Chrome-plating reduces friction and therefore effort required to cut branches 
  • Counter-blade with sap groove 
  • Blade with wire cutting notch 
  • Screw-mounted counter-blade for easy replacement 
  • Locking segment nut for easy adjustment of the cutting head 
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and sturdy handles for optimum comfort, with sandblasting and black anodic oxidation finishing 
  • Soft high-quality leather covering for maximum comfort in the hand 

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