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Eco-Organic Garden

Eco-CLM Trap - for citrus leafminer

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  • Control citrus leafminer (Phyllocnistis citrella) easily using the eco-CLM trap.  The trap attracts male citrus leafminer adults and prevents them from mating with females.  Fewer pregnant females means greater protection for your citrus trees.

    The eco-CLM trap consists of a rubber plug impregnated with a pheromone and a sticky paper trap. Simply open the trap, throw the plug inside (it will stick) and hang in your tree. For small trees use one trap. For larger trees you’ll need 2 traps.

    Female citrus leafminers only lay eggs on flushes of new growth so hang the trap when new growth commences. Replace every 8-12 weeks or sooner if the sticky trap is full.


    • Powerful pheromone attractant is irresistible to male citrus leafminers
    • Long lasting sticky trap can handle all weather conditions
    • Contains no poisons
    • Targets only male citrus leafminers and won’t attract beneficial insects
    • Pheromone lasts 8-12 weeks


    NOTE: For severe outbreaks combine with eco-oil or eco-neem for even greater protection against citrus leafminers.