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Transplant Systems

100 Cell Vegetable Seedling Tray (TS-100) / Extremely Robust Tray

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  • This tray grows larger seedlings for commercial vegetables or cut flower growers.
  • The rootball is square and flat and will position correctly in open furrows or NFT systems.
  • This is an exceptionally robust tray, it is stackable and suitable for any mechanical movement.
  • All edges are smooth and suitable for manual handling when needed.
  • The TS-100 Vegetable seedling tray is suitable for most Hydroponic growing systems using granular growing substances.
  • The rootball will sit flat in nutrient flow systems.


Tray Dimensions(mm): 383 x 383 x 55

Cell Dimensions(mm): 36 x 36 x 55

Cell Volume: 73ml

Color :Black