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Transplant Systems

[NEW] 144Cell Seedling Tray (TS-144 / Heavy-Duty

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  • This tray has become the standard in Australia and New Zealand for raising commercial vegetable seedlings, but it is equally suitable for all kinds of seedlings Hundreds of millions of seedlings start their growth in this tray each year.
  • Unique features are the square formed root mass shaped by the construction of the cell with 4 lower protrusions to minimise root spiralling around the internal lower lip edges of the cell.
  • This encourages developing roots to break away from their form to seek nutrients and ground moisture.
  • The tray is square in its shape being suitable for both manual and automated movement during nursery operations.
  • Moved forward or backward or sideways the trays are always in the required position.
  • These trays can be put through automatic tray washing systems also mechanically or manually moved onto mobile or stationary benching.
  • The trays are stackable and take less room than most other trays.
  • The trays are formed from High Density Polyethylene and will last 20 years if looked after. (Reducing the volume of plastic in the industry) near future.

Tray Dimensions(mm): 395 x 395 x 40

Cell Dimensions(mm): 32 x 32 x 40

Cell Volume: 26ml

Color :Black