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100 Cell Forestry Seedling Tray (TS-100 Forestry) / Extremely Robust Tray

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  • Used in large forest nurseries for raising Eucalyptus seedlings.
  • Ideal for most woody tree and shrub species.
  • A square tray suitable for manual and automated tray movement in the nursery.
  • Cell design is unique with each wall having raised sections where forming roots are directed to side slot openings to be air pruned.
  • The base of the cell has a media catch web with a 14mm diameter central hole for entry of dislodgement tooling.
  • The media web is with an apex to guide roots and prevent spiraling.
  • A clean air pruned root ball is established ready for planting with roots air pruned on all 4 sides.
  • Air vents 6 mm diameter are located in each internal corner of each cell improves the airflow through a developing leaf canopy.
  • This minimizes fungal disease associated with poor airflow.
  • Looking at the surface of the tray you will see small round holes between each cell. These vents allow air to rise upwards and thus lessen the chance of fungal disease during high humidity.
  • The bottom of the tray has been designed to prevent root spiral and to encourage roots to air prune which will give a neat seedling plug for placement in hydroponic systems or as a seedling planted directly into the ground.
  • The circular hole at the bottom allows the use of a plug popper machine to pop out the plugs for manual transplanting.


Tray Dimensions(mm): 383 x 383 x 75

Cell Dimensions(mm): 36 x 36 x 55

Cell Volume: 72ml

Color :Black