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Transplant Systems

[NEW] 256Cell Seedling Tray (TS-256)/ Heavy-Duty

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This tray is used to produce smaller seedlings at a higher density for earlier planting out. The cell design is straight tapering cell walls with centre ridges on opposing walls to guide the roots downwards. The small cell size demands media with smaller particles for proper filling. The tray is suitable for manual or automatic filling and seed sowing systems. These square trays are good for mechanical movement in either direction. The cell patch is maintained in both directions across adjacent trays. It stacks extremely well

The 256 cell tray is ideal for producing several high volume process crops – especially tomato for tomato paste production. Other vegetables regularly grown in the TS-256 trays are herbs, onion, brassicas and celery.

The square tray shapes makes it ideal for growing vegetable seedlings that are to be planted with semi-automatic machines such as the SK300 or RT20 Wire Finger Planter and the HD 256 Automatic Planting Machines that can be customized for varying seedling types and terrain.

The cell form of the TS-256 tray avoids root curl and encourages leader roots to extend quickly into surrounding soil. There is less risk of growth pause when transplanting these small seedlings.



Tray Dimensions(mm): 395 x 395 x 50

Cell Dimensions(mm): 23 x 23 x 55

Cell Volume: 16ml

Color :Black