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Clear Pots by TEKU - 120mm Recyclable - Orchids (MCP12)

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Made in Germany  

Quantity : 15pots, 80pots, 120pots, 200pots or 500pots

Diameter : (Top) 110mm, (Bottom) 85mm, Height : 105mm

- Teku MCP Clear Orchid Pots offer better plants by offering superior aeration and drainage.  The high transparency of the pot gives roots a chance to better cultivate and build better root systems for stronger plants.

- Teku MCP Clear Orchid Pots have excellent stacking properties, with special stacking feet on the bottom of the pot rather than ridges inside the pots.

- Teku MCP Clear Orchid Pots also have better handling by having a thicker rim and can be used in modern machine applications in a commercial setting.-

100% recyclable