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Felco 4 & Felco 910 - Secateurs with Leather Holster

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FELCO 4 & Felco 910 pack

One-hand Pruning Shea

These pruning shears / secateurs offer powerful leverage so that cutting wood up to 25 mm thickness is never a problem. Rugged and extremely durable, the FELCO 4 is perfect for all types of pruning work, and an indispensable tool for anyone with large hands who has wasted far too much valuable cutting time looking for the ideal pair of pruning shears.

Leather Holster

The FELCO 910 is a hard-wearing genuine leather holster that provides the ultimate convenience wherever your pruning takes you. Combines practicality and style so you always look professional. A loop or clip attachment to your belt lets you choose exactly what is right for you. Assures maximum protection and safe transport of your pruning shears as well as keeping you shielded from the cutting edge. Extremely comfortable to use from the start and becomes moulded to your tools as the leather weathers and ages.

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