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Felco 2 & 910+ & Felco 903 / Gardening Tool Set, Perfect Gift

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FELCO 2 & Felco 910+ & Felco 903

One-hand Pruning Shear / Leather Holster with belt clip / Sharpener

FELCO 2 : The ergonomic form and contoured finger grips of the FELCO 2 immediately provide a safe, comfortable and reassuring feel. This is underlined by the robust, reinforced anvil blade - which is directly riveted onto the one-piece aluminium handle - ensuring the FELCO 2 is strong enough to tackle heavy-duty pruning. Rubber shock absorbers protect against wrist strain while rubber handles provide comfort. The micro-metric setting mechanism allows easy adjustment of the cutting head precisely to your own requirements, while maintaining the trademark clean FELCO cut. The FELCO 2 is the best quality universal cutting and pruning tool for anyone who enjoys the sense of satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

Made in Swizerland

The FELCO 910+ is doubly convenient. This genuine leather holster keeps your FELCO pruning shears and the FELCO 903 sharpener close at hand to cover every eventuality of your pruning day. As you maintain your shears in premium condition, you can be confident of keeping them that way once stored in this rugged holster.

Made in USA

FELCO 903 : Essential for the sharpening, strengthening and honing of blade cutting edges to a professional standard. For pruning shears and cable cutters.

Made in Swizerland