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Bugs For Bugs

Bug-Scan® Roll Yellow 15cm x 100m

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A roll of yellow sticky tape for mass-trapping flying insects.

Made of durable recyclable plastic.


  • A 15 cm x 100 m roll of yellow sticky tape for trapping flying insects
  • Made of durable, recyclable plastic with wet glue on both sides
  • Attracts harmful flying insects such as whitefly, fungus gnats, aphids and thrips
  • A tool for early detection, monitoring and creating a physical barrier

Benefits of Bug-Scan® Roll Yellow

  • Ideal for mass-trapping in large areas
  • With careful monitoring, you can detect new infestations early
  • The long-lasting glue is non-toxic, water-repellent and does not dry out in hot conditions
  • The rolls maintain their strength and colour for several months
  • The tape has a non-sticky border on both sides along its entire length for easy handling
  • The tape also has a non-sticky section of approximately 1 m in length at the beginning of the roll to make unwinding easier