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60mm Jiffy Round Pot

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Jiffy Pots

Professional nurseries, landscapers, greenhouse growers and hydroponic farmers all over the world can benefit from the range of advantages the Jiffy Pot provides.

You can save on labor with Jiffy Pots because you don’t need to de-pot: simply pot on or plant out – Jiffy Pot and all. You get faster rooting with a Jiffy Pot than with a plastic pot, thanks to no root disturbance and less root-zone temperature fluctuations.

  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pot.
  • Jiffy Pots make propagation easy – just add soil, seeds and water.
  • The pot is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.
  • Plant the whole pot into a bigger pots or onto garden bed when seedlings are large enough to handle.
  • prevent transplant shock by not disturbing the plant’s fragile root system.

Jiffy pot : D60mm x H60mm with Slits

Materials: Peat moss and Wood fiber


Last update MARCH 2024