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45mm Tall jiffy pot & 100ml 42 Cell Tall Plastic Liner Tray & Seedling Tray Set

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Great for the propagation of seeds and from cutting material of a wide range of plants  

Quantity :  

1 set (42x45mm Tall Jiffy pot& 1x42cell Liner Tray & 1x Fine Hole Tray) 

3 sets (126x45mm Tall Jiffy pot& 3x42cell Liner Tray & 3x Fine Hole Tray) 

5 sets (210x45mm Tall Jiffy pot& 5x42cell Liner Tray & 5x Fine Hole Tray) 

10 sets (420x45mm Tall Jiffy pot& 10x42cell Liner Tray & 10x Fine Hole Tray)  

Dimension :

Tray Size: (42 cells)  350mm x 295mm x 75mm 

Cell Dimension :  45mm x 45mm x 75mm 

Fine Hole Tray (approx.) L350mm x W295mm x H55mm 

Colour: Black 

Note that these tray liners are made from High Impact Polystyrene.  The set comes with matching Seedling(fine holes).  Pls let us know if you want Hydro tray(no holes) instead. 

Made in Australia 

Jiffy Pot :

-Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pot.  

-Jiffy Pots make propagation easy – just add soil, seeds and water.  

-The pot is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. 

-Plant the whole pot into a bigger pots or onto garden bed when seedlings are large enough to handle.  

-This will prevent transplant shock by not disturbing the plant’s fragile root system.    

Jiffy pot : D45mm x H70mm  ( No Drainage Hole)   

Materials: Peat moss and Wood fiber