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12cell Square Strips Jiffy Pot(60mm)with slits & Large Tray Set

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 Great for Propagation & Seedlings  

Quantity :

1 set ( 4x 12cell jiffy strips & 1Large Tray)

3 sets ( 12x 12cell jiffy strips & 3 Large Trays)

5 sets ( 20x 12cell jiffy strips & 5 Large Trays) 

The Jiffy-Pot is the environmentally friendly alternative to the excessive use of plastic in horticulture. Approved for organic production, whilst being well suited to mechanical handling in the Nursery, Jiffy-Pots are 100% degradable. Jiffy bio-products are earth-friendly, non-toxic and provide producers of horticultural products economical alternatives to plastic and other bio-like products.  


Jiffy Strips : 350mm x 115mm x 60mm (cell size :55mmx55mx60mm)

Made in Denmark

Large Tray : (approx.) L500 x W380 x H80mm

Made in Australia