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116mm Plastic Punnet Pots & Seedling Trays(Fine Hole Trays) Set

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Great for Plant Cutting, Seed Propagation

Quantity: 1 set (9pots & 1tray), 5 sets (45pots & 5trays) or 10 sets(90pots & 10trays)

Colour : black

Pot : L116mm, W98mm, H108mm, Volume : 0.9L

Tray (Fine Hole Tray) : approx. L350 x W295 x H55mm

- Made in Australia-

Ideal for presenting semi advanced vegetables and flower seedlings. This punnets design includes twin tag locks, is suitable for potting machines, pot dispensers and speeds use for automatic filling.

P/S : The actual punnet is NOT a perfect square & slightly smaller than 116mm.