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100mm Squat Punnet Pots with Tray - Clay

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Great for Plant Cutting, Seed Propagation.

Pot's Colour : Clay

Length : 95mm Width : 85mm Height : 85mm Volume : 0.47L

Tray's Colour : Black

Length : 350mm Width : 295mm Height : 55mm

1 Set    (12 Pots and a Tray)

5 Sets  ( 60 Pots and 5 Trays )

10 Sets (120 Pots and 10 Trays)

18 Sets (216 Pots and 18 Trays)

Ideal for presenting semi advanced vegetables and flower seedlings. This punnets design includes twin tag locks, is suitable for potting machines, pot dispensers and speeds use for automatic filling. Shorter height than the standard punnet for tighter space and suitable seedlings.

<Plants shown on picture are not included.>