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Felco 4 Secateurs & Felco 903 Sharpener

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Felco 4 & Felco 903

Secateurs & Sharpener Set

Felco 4 : One-hand pruning shear | Good performanceThese pruning shears / secateurs offer powerful leverage so that cutting wood up to 25 mm thickness is never a problem. Rugged and extremely durable, the FELCO 4 is perfect for all types of pruning work, and an indispensable tool for anyone with large hands who has wasted far too much valuable cutting time looking for the ideal pair of pruning shears.

FELCO 903 Sharpening Tool - Diamond-coated Hardened SteelEssential for the sharpening, strengthening and honing of blade cutting edges to a professional standard. For pruning shears and cable cutters

Made in Switzerland